Pompeo delivers remarks in Cairo – Cairo Video

published: 2019-01-10 16:28:04

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers remarks at the American University in Cairo during a visit to Egypt, part of a Middle East tour. Read more: https://wapo.st/2CdiPch. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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  1. ©™ ALX ? Armed?Liberation⛓ Xecutive? Observation ✍ ✍

    America desperately trying to remain relevant.

  2. The Trump administration's foreign policy talking points since taking office have appeared to directly parrot propaganda and fake news originally put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government. Trump’s seemingly random warnings that Poland may invade Belarus and Montenegro may start a world war initially were propagated by Russia as part of its military intelligence disinformation campaigns, Trump's account of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is straight out of the Russian playbook.

  3. …Another BLOATED WINDBAG HANDPICKED BY TRUMP ! ?????????????????????????? Doesn't ANYONE on his staff eat a SALAD ?

  4. We now know the traitor in chief colluded with Russia and Republican party is a party of bigots like Steve King…if you are a veteran and still support trump you spit in the face of all your bros and sisters who fought for this country

  5. The  Opposition Media and The Radical Democrats are Working Together To Destroy President Donald Trump….The  Opposition Media and The Radical  Democrats are  "Truly The  Enemy of The People"

  6. Everyone knows how Pompeo, branded my friend Erdogan with the stigma of the Armenian massacre.

    I propose that the senate consider the law from banning the denial of the fact that the British Crown was engaged in slave trade.

    And African Americans who can legally prove in old documents that their relatives were slaves who were brought on merchant and warships to America must sue this British Crown.

    I also urge the former colonies of Britain to file a claim to the British crown. And never again to meet prince with military honors, it demeans you.

    Their prince married a whore from Hollywood.

  7. It’s all about delivery!!! Context means nothing when attention isn’t paid

  8. The regime in Iran should just be nuked. End of story. Set the precedent

  9. By sanctioning them they and their greedy allies will work to de-dollar. Setting up a domino effect-

  10. HAHAHAHAHA . THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST BLUNDER OF THE — US GOV — BY FAR . Dropping MUBARAK like a hot Potato and having FREE DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS and the People voted for MORSI , a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood . CIA & Co didnt like that and what happend : A COUP D'ETAT and installing a good ole General spending ( after Israel ) $3 BILLIONS ON FOREIGN AID . If the People in Egypt would know and understand from where the Money is coming from they would KICK Al Sissi right out of the Country ??????

  11. Trump is unraveling every alliance we have built since WW II. Why is that, any guesses?

  12. Brilliant speech by a brilliant man. Mike Pompeo was telling the middle east this Secretary of State can't be bought.


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